Engine supports auth out of the box with no code or config required. Find the auth menu under 'authentication' on your project page.

We provide enterprise grade OAuth 2.0 with FusionAuth.

Your app comes with a default users table in case you need it. In the chat, this will be integrated into your application design if necessary.

Using auth in your frontend application

We provide default API routes and hosted auth pages to help you implement auth in your frontend application.

If you use the alpha frontend builder, auth is built in.

Testing with auth

You can test your application with auth by authenticating as a user from the authentication tab. Select the user you want to authenticate as and click 'sign in'. By default, a demo user is created and signed in to test your application.

Additional settings

We currently don't expose some auth settings, like email templates. Reach out to us if you'd like to change these.

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