The chat window is the primary way to work on your application. Send messages to make changes to any part of your application or ask questions of your AI architect.

Not sure where to start? Click 'guide me' to see examples of things you can ask Engine to do.

Use your chat like a conversation with a virtual software architect. It can help you design your application as well as implement it.

Prompting tips

  • Focus on describing the functionality of your app - the software architect will take care of the technical implementation.

  • It is usually best to work on parts of your application step by step. For example, start with the database, then describe the API endpoints you need.

  • Don't worry about getting it right the first time, you can always make changes later.

You can hit stop to cancel any changes or terminate a chat response. It is usually best to avoid stopping your chat whilst it is actively making changes to your application if possible.

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