Development environment

The Engine development environment is where you will work on your application. You can see and interact with your deployed development application here.

Engine development environment

You can make changes to your application on the right hand side.

Messages - Here is where you can chat to your AI architect to develop your applications and view message history.

Authentication - Manage your application's end users.

Secrets - Manage environment variables accessible by your project's API.

Settings - View and edit project settings and manage your project.

You can interact with your development application on the web at your dev URL or in the panel on the left hand side.

Backend - View and test your API endpoints and access your API documentation.

Frontend (if in alpha project) - View and test your frontend application.

Database - See your database schema and view and edit your database in Drizzle.

You should not use the dev application in production. It cannot handle heavy loads and will time out after inactivity. You can deploy your application yourself, or you can one-click deploy your backend by selecting 'deploy project'.

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