Frontend (alpha)

Our frontend builder is in alpha - it may make mistakes!

You can view and interact with your live development frontend from the 'frontend' tab on your project page.

Interacting with your backend

When you work on your backend API, hooks are automatically generated and made available to your frontend. This means that your frontend is ready to interact with your backend automatically.

Pages and components

The frontend builder works by creating and storing components which can then be laid out on a page.

The overlay shows you which components are available and where they have been laid out on the 'components' tab.

The 'pages' tab lets you see and navigate the pages that have been created for your application on which components can be laid out.

Prompting tips

When working on your frontend, it is best to be as specific as possible, using the language of components and pages and being clear about what backend interactions are required.

It's best to take things step by step!

Deploying your frontend

We don't currently support frontend deployments but they are plenty of ways to deploy it yourself.

Please get in touch if you need help deploying or would like us to prioritise this feature.

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